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My Brain Hurts [Jun. 10th, 2010|01:37 pm]
I remember watching Ulysse 31 when I was a kid. Damn French and their cartoons.

It looks like I have to spend Saturday to Monday in Wales. Half of the 29th with me, all so this deal with Carole can go ahead. I sent her home yesterday to get some things and she's back today. So we'll all travel down about 6am on Saturday. I had no idea the job she's involved in is so... slack. Contracts hand written on scrap paper. I've been going through them all day. Thankfully Dave's gonna deal with the logistics of moving so many people this weekend.

But this weekend work is good, I got £200 in my hand when I met her off the train this morning. Just for me. More later for EVERYONE! More for me too. I'm looking at £700 for 3 days work here. If you could call it work. All the 29th is doing is basically acting as bodyguard/business manager. This is excellent, why haven't we branched out into this line of work before?!

Now is time for gin and Fu Manchu.
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Hooliganism is not dead - it moved to places that get less attention - David Lacey [Aug. 29th, 2009|12:44 pm]
"What happens now will demonstrate the extent to which the football authorities are prepared to act to quell the canker."

"In England football hooliganism occupied centre stage for roughly the same part of the 20th century, namely the late 60s to the late 80s, that the American Wild West did in the 19th. Now the old rootin' tootin' towns like Tombstone and Dodge City are happy to re-enact the great gunfights to entertain tourists, and it would appear that the habit has caught on over here, to judge from the scenes inside and outside Upton Park on Tuesday night when West Ham played Millwall in the Carling Cup.

It was all impressively authentic. There were fights in the streets and pitch invasions during the game. A man was stabbed and there were several arrests as the police went in with heavy hands and helicopters. This was Skinhead Revisited, history in the remaking, and clearly the participants had done their homework."

Done their homework yes, because anyone who does still fight at football knows how to do it. West Ham versus Millwall has been blown out of all proportion by media. It seems to be something akin to the greatest battle in hooliganism now. It's not. The police did not go in with heavy hands because they were on camera, the police when not on camera DO go in with heavy hands against hooligans. A man was stabbed, we all know. WHY? It goes too far. Football hooliganism is a chance for lads full of testosterone (and for most alcohol, a smaller number another drug) to fight with each other. Nothing more, nothing less. Trust me I'm a "hooligan" and that's the reason. Yes we fight for club, for our city, for our region at times but if you break it down that's it. West Ham - Millwall is big, yes. But not as big as Newcastle - Sunderland, Liverpool - Everton, Man Utd - Leeds (yes Leeds not Man City), Cardiff - Swansea, Villa - Blues, etc. And how about other leagues with bigger derbies, Rangers - Celtic, Roma - Lazio, Partizan Belgrade - Red Star Belgrade, Real Madrid - Barca, etc. The thing is your die hard hooligan is up for every firm, every game and when he is presented with THE big derby for his club he becomes giddy. His mouth dries up, he wants to faint he's that excited. But of the small die hard numbers that are up for every game, they are swelled by hangers on who come out for a match against a team that boasts another team with a big firm, and for a derby it's like everyone comes out of the woodwork. Young and old, people who haven't been seen in years, people who don't even like football but hate "them." It's these people, these would be the mindless minority that the football "thug" contends with. These are the ones who stab, kill. Let us remember the fight at the ferry terminal between Newcastle and Sunderland which led to death, paralysis and amputations. WHY? Because one side hates that side more than any other.

"So much for wishful thinking. The reality was just that. Some of Tuesday's offenders could have been the grandsons of those founding fathers of football hooliganism 40-odd years ago – who started with the odd encroachment on to the playing area to celebrate a goal, followed it up with an occasional assault on a referee then started attacking one another. Football blamed society, politicians blamed football, fans were caged in and it all led to Hillsborough where 96 people died because the cops mistook a safety problem for a security problem.

It is only four months since the 20th anniversary of that tragedy recalled dreadful images accompanied by the comforting thought that it could never happen again, that everybody – fans, clubs, police and politicians – knew better. For the most part they do know better but if the scenes in and around Upton Park this week serve some purpose it will surely be to remind the game that hooliganism, while it may have been priced and policed out of the Premier League, has not ceased to exist. Instead it has been dispersed to areas which get less attention, such as pub car parks on a Saturday night."

True, we fight in pubs, pub car parks, under bridges, on wasteground. Priced and policed out of the game is absolutely true and whoever came up with the idea to do it, did well. FUCK NO I won't fight in a ground unless they're fighting us because that's it. Ban for life. No need to bring Hillsborough into it apart from the fact that the measures in place that caused the disaster were in place in all grounds to prevent hooliganism. Hillsborough was not hooliganism, but hooliganism took rightful blame (the cages) for the deaths. I watched that four months ago with tears in my eyes because yes I'm sad and yes I love football but I do have compassion.

"The reactions to Tuesday's violent scenes have been wearily predictable. "Anyone who thinks that thuggery has any place in modern-day football is living in the dark ages," declared the home secretary, Alan Johnson. Trouble is, more than a few fans would not mind harking back to darker times, particularly if they have read some of the literary works of those hooligans of the 70s and 80s who lovingly recall their exploits like retired generals remembering their battles."

"Wearily predictable" couldn't agree more, and everyone knows this. I wouldn't mind harking back to those so called "darker times" either. That would not only make my life easier but more exciting. I could go on at length about my most beloved general Mark "Jasper" Chester and the might of the Potters but that makes the point itself.

"Evidence suggesting that the violence had been organised in advance on online forums – "Make sure you bring your bats and don't bring your kids" – is disturbing but the idea is hardly new. In March 1985, when Luton and Millwall met in an FA Cup quarter-final at Kenilworth Road, play was halted for 25 minutes while police and visiting fans fought on the pitch, and there was more trouble outside after the game. It transpired that Millwall hoolies had planned the whole thing with the precision of a military operation.

What happens now will demonstrate the extent to which the football authorities are prepared to act to prevent the canker of hooliganism breaking out anew. In the past the Football Association has been quick to condemn but slower to act. In this case the FA expects the offenders to be banned from football for life but that is easier said than done. Identifying and apprehending every troublemaker could take months and prosecutions for pitch invasions and racist chanting longer still."

Racist chanting, mindless minority. Out now.

"As hosts, West Ham were responsible for crowd control and face a hefty fine at a time when the club are strapped for cash. For some this would not go far enough. The FA can close grounds or make teams play behind closed doors, which was West Ham's fate in 1980 when Uefa ordered them to play the second leg of a Cup Winners' Cup tie against Castilla at an empty Upton Park after crowd trouble at the Bernabéu, when a visiting fan was crushed to death by a bus."

This kills football clubs. What do we do?

"Maybe Tuesday will turn out to be a one-off, an isolated trip down a lane of bad memories. After all, nothing similar was reported 48 hours earlier when West Ham and Tottenham, whose followers are hardly blood brothers, met at Upton Park. Nevertheless, sod's law being what it is, football will breathe easier should Millwall fail to reach the third round of the FA Cup this season."

What do we do now? All firms will be gunning for West Ham now. Not just to physically best them but to get onto the pitch, emulate AND best them. How do you keep it between lads who want a fight and destruction of the clubs we love?

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Captain Scarlet [May. 13th, 2009|10:40 am]
"Oh I don't mind, I'm gonna make a random collaboration of people around the world.
In fact YES! YES I AM GOING TO DO THIS! I need to find people who don't mind constantly harrassing the internet

personas of 3 (or maybe more) people. Because they don't need it in real life, they get that enough from the 29th.
I hate living here. Stuck in these flats at the hollow on top of a hill, surrounded by junkies and/or criminals. You

can tell the threat level in the block by the weapon at people's door when you walk into their flat. I've

deliberately tried to NOT become the person people come to for problems they have, telling them to go to Sammy

instead. BUT NO. It seems like I've had almost everyone in this block at one time or another hiding in my flat.
And it's like prison with the non stop shouting. If someone wants someone else they just open their window and

shout. Like Sammy, or Pez, or JC, or whoever will shout up for me. Then Nat will hear and she'll shout across to me.

Then people in the other block join in. Things as idiotic as "What are you eating tonight?" or "Did you see the

police earlier?" Although, it is funny to just open the window and shout "DEBT COLLECTORS!" at the top of your voice

and watch it spread, and block by block the place goes into lockdown.
Everyone's just known by stupid names. Sammy, Sammy's missus (seriously), "That" Luke, Nicole, Nico The Whore, Weird

Guy, Fat Polish Woman, Pez, JC, That Gay Guy, Nat, J...
It doesn't matter though for I will have vodka soon, and all will be well.
Thanks big sister! Much love!
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Krvopija [May. 10th, 2009|09:31 am]
[music |Silent Hedges - Bauhaus]

"If you're in Toronto and stare across the lake in summer you can see Chicago."


"YES. You can."

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Cheap Vermouth Is Better Than Nothing [Jan. 30th, 2009|02:06 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Writing in the library due to no internet. I now live in Cannock. CANNOCK. SERIOUSLY. In a flat surrounded by pretty much all smackheads. It ain't too bad. There's abject poverty and constant fights mind you.
Some good people around me though, Big Sam, T. the dealer from across the way, Ant and Mark, Jase (with his cool facial scars) and Nat, Nico and occasionally Narinder.
It's bad being in the cold weather with no heat mind you. Like Serbia! Hah. I don't have shopping lists anymore, rather shoplifting lists.
But soon, hopefully, I get much money. Much, much money. I have to chase that up on Tuesday. I have stolen cigarettes this morning so I am less stressed.
Not all bad, Alisa buys much Diazepam from me. I get JSA, I get housing benefit, muahaha. I con many crisis loans, and just generally con people.
The flats I live in are separated into smaller blocks with electronic metal gates between them like prison. Christmas Eve there was an insane fight between our block and another. Middle of the night, freezing cold, snow. Me out there with Marvin (Colt M1911A) in one hand and Morgan (Rapier) in another completely out of my face on cheap brandy. I even let Ant use Cesare. There's still an uneasy truce after that one, even though not much happened. We had to get Mark arrested so the coppers would get him treatment for frostbite on his feet.
The Steph situation? hmmmmm......
Gonna get that money coming in, the 29th are working hard. Just under 50 members now! We even have Scally platoon, the Jugend.
More later I suppose. I have to go and raid Morrisons.
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No Title [Mar. 23rd, 2008|11:33 pm]
16 March 2008

(good evening its me again, once again cannot type his own entry so his lordship is once again dictating)

Sunday night we have had quite a different weekend compared to most.
"can i have some blood tonight? or would that be bang out?"
"but you're poorly!"
"but it will sort me out"
"ok then let me type this and i will go find a clean blade"

i dont feel very well, just type what i say oh, write that aswell. i didn't say write that, Oh i'm just being pedantic.
We have found a lovely house but it isn't a house it's a studio apartment.
Ground floor 1 bed studio flat overlooking the river with a lovely small kitchen its a very clean cut space that's brand new and so us! oh and it has a

beautiful bathroom!
Being pedantic again!
i'm poorly enough not to care right now, i know we are sahnd for the place we are looking at. im sahnd for fags and sahnd for gogo juice. BUT day stop me

stressin, cos i have got to meet steph of tuesday night to pick up that tiny bit of money for my fags and gogo juice it ain't all me wage but i need that

tiny touch. it's not as if its a massive issue i have to wait two days but its still gonna way heavy on my nut.
im freezing fucking cold,i wish i knew what to say but all i want to do is go to bed with Steph! and fuck all this off, five year mistake sonny jim. five

year thats more than enough for me thank you more than enough. (emma & 5 years worth of dollar)
guess thats it.
"type you want to type"
"what you jabbing me for?"
"didnt look like it was real"

22 March 2008

ive lost a daughter and it feels, well i dont know how to explain how it feels. that bitch of a sister is going to fuck her off but all she cares about is

the e's.she has dug her own grave and she is gonna live in it she ain't getting no help no more. i hope she dies. worse and in more pain than the rest of

i could do it myself, i could but why dilute what runs in our veins with that shit.

23 March 2008

"steph you have a flashing ass!"
"when don't i flash my ass!"
"you have a flashing ring"

Long weekend, very long weekend. Stressful to say the least he is now out of his mind angry is the only way to put it that anyone could understand who wasn't

Phone calls, late from our favorite person, EMMA! Trying for information money everything she could get, but not happening as is plainly obvious. when she

deceided to put her little brother on the phone and have him on speaker so her entire scum family could hear and started to bait him that was, how shall i

say a bit of a piss take. then of course he informs her that i want to speak to her, i get a hello in a cowardly sheepish voice and then silence but not

complete silence i can tell she is listening, so i say what i think! i'm tired he is tired we have been at work all week we don't need this. I would have

said more but she hung up on me!
Next phone call was what has caused the issue.

Him window upset, starting to talk showing the pain and sadness that is kept hidden. Telling of all the anger the hate that is felt and is directed towards

him. how what he has known is that, and after everything no wonder he doesn't trust or care. Explaining to me why everything is so hard and how much hate

there is inside. how hard it is not to have those who are true around twenty four seven.

The truth is my heart has been carved out and i dont how to describe how i feel. i am so upset so angry, and i dont know how to describe how i feel. all i

want to do is get drunk but i am sober.

Reggae: Des All stars aka The Rudies - Night Food Reggae
Ska: The Selecter - Three Minute Hero
Oi!: Kohu 63 - Just Like Eddy I Hate Teddy
Psychobilly: Nekromantix - A Stone With Your Name
Rockabilly: The Polecats - Marie Celeste

Kill them all, kill all, kill all those ones, kill your friends. Kill anyone important to you and die!
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Awareness Begins [Mar. 13th, 2008|11:20 pm]
Regarding the previous entry... those pictures... hmm. Number 1 is pretty self explanatory (note the lower back bruising!), 2 is old and recorded for posterity's sake (note vodka bottle and unexplained toe), 3 is an interesting and unexplained sympathy scar, 4 Steph did, 5 you can't really see but is one of my oldest and my favourite, it runs the length of my left forearm (a very old knife wound), 6 is well... number 6 (note constantly listening to music).
What to say? What to say without me having time to compose my thoughts? Work's been work, hectic and great. Housing situation seems to be improving. And on, and on. There are so many things I do want to say but have so little time.
I WILL write an entry that makes sense soon.

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Skinhead Superstar [Mar. 9th, 2008|06:38 pm]
Steph is a gay! She was listening to Now your gone - basshunter. Slightly redeemed herself by listening to the

boomtown rats! Luckily im listening to baby love by diana ross and the supreme's (hold on a minute whos the gay

here? he is dictating again).
Weekend started ealry as in 2pm friday, deceided to sit in the park for a while instead of rushing back to steph's

like the old days and when we finally did get back here (stephs) well i cant remeber us do anything else but smoke,

drink and FUCK! oh and we had a curry! We have also have managed to find ourselves a house.


Next day or just saturday!
"why the hell are you writing everything i say?"
"cos its funny"
"well write that then"

*goofy laugh*
"i read that!"

Saturday morning woke up late fucked and looked at house again, went to stephs mums for a couple of hours!
"i will let steph describe this interlude"
Anyway went to see my mum and step-dad nothing out of the ordinary but my grandparents who have seen me in 2 years

were there ! lots of fun! lovely to him SNIDE with me end of reallly!
"ok carry on!"
Left stephs mum and came straight back here fucked for a rather long time! then sleep and then steph was rudely

awoken by her drunken father and he didn't notice so he buggered off. back to sleep!

We are on sunday now thats it! as in right now!
"have all we done all weekend is fuck?"
"yeah happy now?"
"no im having to type this!"
"the room smells of come!"
"i know!"

got up dead early after me nearly passing out in the middle of the nite, went downstairs smoked and had the requiste
bacon sandwich, another smoke! old school washed a car, then off to the shop to buy vodka and fags (and my

chocolate)! we really are that exciting can anyone predict our weekend for us? can anyone else predict what comes


"what time is it "
"go go juice"
"not my fault"
"yes it is"
"sorry your gonna have to wait til tomorrow"

came back here from the shop and fucked and watched bugsy malone and ate!
and now writing this (me wanting a FUCK)

Previously this week we had the great discussion of whether catholic girls (ie me) or jews give better head!
(i was proved right!)

"you fucking cow"
"i canna believe your doing this"
stephs pushing it
and if she aint fuckin lucky shes gonna hit level 10! (blow job will save me from that !!!!!)
"you fucking SLAG!"

oh yeah! stephs nailing them capquest wankers for me! (they pretty much work for me anyway!)
AND THE EMEREGENCY VODKA IS NOW ABSOLUT CITRON! we would have another but its too expensive!
(and i have just found his boxers from friday that have been rather useless but elsuive none the less since then!)

(can someone please lend me a taser gun he needs to stop chasing me everywhere! bet you can guess what he's after!)

I dont know what to write about steph's scary plug socket! but it is!

(he has told me to write in yam!)
Cos am a yam an proud!

If yawm safte enuff to lok!

Pitcha numba too be an old skool sca! but tha best un! proper bostin and tha way up tha front o is am!


Slowly slowly
Mini one!
Biggest and Bestest!
Ze Big Bruise

Reggae: Last Flight To Reggae City - Tommy Mc'Cook
Ska: Three Minute Hero - The Selecter
Oi!: Skinhead Superstar - Bully Boys
Psychobilly: Who Killed The Cheerleader - Nekromantix
Rockabilly: Hepcat - The Polecats
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Set. Loki. Ti Malice. [Mar. 5th, 2008|01:28 am]
I don't know where to start. As usual.
I literally just put my head in my hands trying to think, because 2 minutes ago while I was smoking I knew perfectly.
So I'll start by screaming. First, about Kosovo. Things haven't been this bad in Serbia since the last war. Thing is, I said to Steph a month ago "I give it 'til April then I'll have to go back." Miro called me two weeks ago and put me on call. Supposed to get THE call on Saturday but it DOES seem to have calmed down for now. It'll be a civil war first and then a country war. The Germans and the Americans started this one, because they want Albania to have Kosovo. Kosovo has the richest coal deposit in Europe and the Albans say if it's theirs then they'll sell the fuel cheaper. THE COAL IS NOT THE ISSUE. SERBIA WAS FORMED IN KOSOVO, IT IS OUR HOMELAND. Fuck the coal, idiots.
I'd be proud to die in Kosovo. And Serbs will not let this go. JUST BECAUSE YOU FUCKS RIGGED OUR ELECTION DOESN'T MEAN WE WONT STAND UP FOR OURSELVES.
'Lombia, Eccies and Peru fighting. Who would any Peruvian side with, FUCKING COLOMBIA. Because, well... they're Eccies on the other side. It's way out of hand and totally macho. But... it's even seen here, my cousin Miguel (great guy, brilliant, came over here to go to uni to be a pharmacist but is now a coke dealer) is steaming. All the fucking Latinos are fighting over here. EVEN THE MEXICANS! What's it got to do with anything? I'm not confused. I'm not surprised. It's just I got my hopes up (as usual) that nothing'd happen this far away. EVEN MY DAD'S PISSED OFF.
"Don't trust ANYONE from the north of the country."
"I know, old man."
"I know, old man."
And can we all agree that Medvedev is a bad choice for Russia, but fuck me it could be worse. Rigged election? Duh...


And I am STILL pissed off with Rachel. This means I REALLY AM PISSED OFF.

I'm just a bundle of joy right now. I'm going to go smoke again and think if there's anything else I can say. Although I should be asleep because I had the MD with me all day today and he'll be there tomorrow. And I've got that gig in Manchester tomorrow night. And I've got that 12 hour + shift on Thursday.
Nah. Smoked. 'Nowt.
Going to bed.
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Im bostin for a CRAP! [Mar. 1st, 2008|01:05 pm]
(Hello, just to let you know he is too idle to write his own entry so i am being dictated to!
My house piss up and curry with my parents last night so chilling out from that! Usual saturday morning bacon and

egg sandwich as i am sure is previously mentioned, and usual morning of shagging quietly due a hungover dad in the

next room!)

"do you want to listen to something?"
"no i'm listening to my own!"
"oh ok then i'll listen to something"
"write this down"

Anyway, it was interesting enough last week jumping out of my front room window with a hand gun frightening steph as

she knocked on my door but we can blame Eddy for shitting me up!
"Have you ever tried dictacting to some one?"
"yeah it really hard"
"No your supposed to writing this!"
"say when"
And now im confused and lost my train of thought. Great night last night good curry good company great girl! Where

was i?
Yes eerrmmm i really dont know, i really wanted to write an entry and now i cant be arsed not that i am writing it

anyway way we have today to plan yet and its already five to twelve. we have fags to smoke vodka to drink and a

fletch to console and mothers day presents to buy and a big sisters house to go to (steph's).

(letting you know he is playing air guitar while i'm writing this)
"to fu-manchu if anyones intersted!"
This with have to do until i am actually compos mentis and can write something myself come monday-ish until then

enjoy this at your pleasure because it sure as hell wasnt pleasurable for me.
Thanks steph thanks for taking this.
Bear in mind i was very drunk with hannah and steph in the yard of ale!


Reggae - Honey Hush by Millie
Ska - Nite Klub by The Specials
Rockabilly - Lets Bop by The Polecats
Oi! - Smash the Discos by The Business
Psychobilly - Power of Moonlite by Tiger Army
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